Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Talking to Myself...

World doesn’t stop.. for you.. or for anyone else… so its better to keep moving slowly rather than making a stop… so at times, grab any opportunity that lies ahead instead of waiting for a better one… note – “at times”.
Time is the best healer… no matter how deeply hurt you are or were.. in months if not days.. in years if not months.. you will come out of it.. So chillax.. why worry?? ;)
Music is the best medicine….. Try it… when a little tensed, say before going to the stage for something… keep humming ur favourite tune and see the Magik :)
A light drizzle and a little wind.. esp along the beach is the most romantic thing out there… don’t u think so??? Try writing something… the words will be poetry.. trust me on that!!!
The most dangerous disease that I see as of today is the phone ring sickness.. When walking in the market or driving.. Invariably u will feel that ur phone is ringing and then not to much surprise it wouldn’t. : Advise – Its time to change ur ring tone!!!
Planning to go on a holiday?? C’mon dude… don’t plan… just pack ur bag and leave..
In ur bathroom, make sure u don’t, in any damn situation are either standing or sitting right below the geyser… U might not have Hitler’s luck as I had… :D
Find ur best friend in ur parents.. no matter how high u fly… and no matter how good a friend u have… ur parents are the only one who wouldn’t be jealous of you.
Thinking about oneself is not being selfish.. thinking ONLY about oneself is what is being selfish.. so, go ahead and think about urself, but not at the cost of the happiness of ur near and dear ones.
When in bad mood, switch off ur phone.. its better to introspect than to loose respect.. understand what I mean?? :P
Never take out ur rant on ur food.. it has got nothing to loose.. sole looser?? you!!
When something is really worrying you… and u really really don’t wanna think about it… watch a nice gripping movie… atleast it can help u in doing that for the next couple of hours. And “what after that?” Pal, start with another movie!!! ;)
There is nothing wrong in praying at times… believe it or not.. it does give u some peace and a little confidence.
U really want something? badly? how badly? Well, Dont say... show how much u really want that.. and u will have it. Provided other's dont show that they want it more than you do ;)
Nothing is impossible... Neither is anything difficult.. not even digging ur own grave!! Well, arent u digging ur own grave by smoking 10 each day. Think abt it. (P.S. I dont smoke. Its just a thought :P)