Friday, June 03, 2011

what went wrong?

Once there was this little boy. He loved small plants. But unfortunately he had none at his home. So, he thought of planting one on his own. Upon request, his dad bought him a small sapling, some fertilizers and a small pot.

The little boy gathered all the soil he could and filled his pot with it. Mixed the fertilizer well and planted his sampling. He, then later watered the sapling.

That night he dreamt that his plant has grown tall and also has some roses budding on it. He dreamed of how beautiful his plant looked with so many colours on it.

When he woke up in the morning, first thing he did was to run to his plant and check it out. He found that the plant was same as he left it yesterday. He thought maybe he didn't mix enough fertilizer and didn't give it enough water. He pondered that may be he shouldn't have kept it in the sun. His plant didn't grow because it might have been sweating under 45°C sun.

He brought the pot inside in the shade. Mixed the entire box of fertilizer in the soil and kept watering it every hour. He made it sure that there always was more water than the soil could actually absorb. His mom told him that he was doing it all wrong. And, so did his friends. But he didn't care what others said. It was “his” plant and how can others know better than him about it. He thought everyone hated his plant and wanted it to die.

Days passed by. The leaves of his plant started drying up. The only flower that was there when his dad bought the sapling home was also gone. And one day, his beloved plant died.

He could not understand what happened. He kept thinking what went wrong. He showered his plant with so much love and care. He always watered it. He made sure his plant was not left under the hot sun. He also kept mixing the fertilizers everyday. What else did his plant want?

Today he knows, too much of anything.. kills everything. And.. too much of everything.. kills anything.

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