Wednesday, March 02, 2011

walking another mile..

here i am..
walking another mile.
the last one..
had experiences..
both..good and bad.
good gave me..
memories to cherish..
and bad.. lessons to learn.
so had each one given me..
i mean..
all the miles i ever walked.
some success..
to be the momentous king,
and some failures..
to be slave of my own thoughts.
so had i been lucky?
to see them all through..
thick or thin.
or is it my own will..
that helped me cross?
well... i dont know...
but i prefer not to stop..
so.. here i am...
walking another mile..

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Jigyasa said...

There you walk another mile!
All...I wish is that you do it with a smile!

If it gets tough-stop for a while....but always remember that you have got to walk another mile:)

Pilot-Pooja said...

Another good on, wishes you more of such miles!

Rup said...

Hi Jigyasa,

Ur comment is more poetic than the blog ;)

Thanks a ton for the wish! I hope for the same....


Rup said...

Hey Pooja,

Welcome back. Long time ahan?

Thanks for the complement and wish... though its not literal like i am embarking on a new journey.. its a general thought... and if we look closely... we walk a new mile every day.. all we take to bed, is the experiences and smiles and memories and tears that this day brought to us...

so, it was just like that... :)


Alcina said...

Yep is all about walking along...if you stop you may loose many opportunities.
First time on your blog Nice read :)

Rup said...

Hey Alcina (I already said that i wonder if that's a name) :)

Welcome to my blog... I believe life should move on a simple principle.. when we writing an exam and suppose the pen falls off the hand... we immediately pick it up and continue writing.. we dont sit there.. stare at the fallen pen and crib that we lost some seconds because of that... similarly, hard times and nothing but like a fallen pen... just pick and up and start walking... :) :) why stop and crib.. and crib..

anyways.. too much philosophy i believe.. :P

Welcome again.