Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Oasis..

barefoot he walks,
across the desert sand.
looking for an oasis,
he wanders along.
looks at the sun,
and then at
the mighty sand below.
pants and sweats,
but looses no hope.
illuded by a mirage,
again and again.
he finally decides,
its the wind,

that he shall follow.
but, not to where it goes,
where it's
intimidated to flow.
taking a deep breath,
he takes his steps.
and, a little further did he go,
there it was,
he found
his oasis.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

the changes.. the answer...

One morning you wake up and find everything has changed…. The colours around have become pale… the view outside your window is not that green anymore… The walk around the woods is not that lovely… neither is the fragrance of the air so alive… and the sleep ain’t that peaceful any longer……

You walk out looking for an answer to the maze… as a very normal human being, you try to ask the question to the familiar faces you had known…. To the faces that had been your strength and your weakness at the same time… But you don’t find them… you find yourself among faces unknown and strange….

Suddenly you find yourself as a loner among a myriad of people… with smiling yet un-friendly faces… You muster the courage to talk to one such faces… But they don’t speak the same language….. You want to talk heart but they are talking minds… they don’t understand you and neither do you understand them…

You think hard to figure out some faces which might be the same… You ride on to them…. Phew!! As you thot they didn’t change… You take a step ahead and looked for solace in them…. U did get a warm welcome but you realized that there is something that's missing… U shove the thot away.. and u ask them to play… but “sorry, we don’t have time”, they say… disappointed you leave the place…

You walk on, staring at the grey concrete… You put your hands in pocket and take out your loving music player… and finally you smile.. You plug in and play… but even the music didn’t sound the same… in a jiffy you pull out the earplugs… smash it on the concrete… and you stop and stare at the dead…

Confused you start to run… u donno where to go… you take this way.. and then that.. and then the other…. U donno if you took the right way… but you know that you need answers…. And you reach the sea… you take a deep breath and sit on the beach… and you see another change…. the is Sun setting in the East…

And now you give up on others…. You decide to ask the answers to yourself… You go home… You stand in front of the mirror…. And You get your answer.. They grew up.. but You remained the same!!!