Friday, September 17, 2010

a summer when..

It was too hot one summer..
and i wanted to dive and float,
in water blue and cold.
then i saw a freshly dug well,
with water shining and deep.
had no patience to wait,
went ahead and jumped.
it felt nice and soothing,
and then things turned.
I looked up to find...
I have jumped into
the darkness unmatched..
I wanted to get out of it,
to the light.
had no option but,
to crawl up the muddy walls.
i did.. tried.. took time..
and i reached nearly the top..
and then... it rained.
the muddy walls slipped,
and i was back in the well again.
trapped here now.. i wish..
there hadn’t been that summer,


Pilot-Pooja said...

Thats really great Rupesh, gives lot of impressions to reader when going through it, succeeding in one of the parameters where one can witness the beauty of poem in other's mind!

Rups said...

Pooja... ur comments have better structure and presentation than my post :P :P

u know what... the best thing is.. to the topic atleast.. everyone can relate to... one who has been in love.. one struggling in career.. someone who is having hard time with his studies... or anything for that matter... cos everyone of us.. have taken some decision which has been wrong at some point of life... :) :)

Dibakar Sarkar said...

The end of the poetry strikes me most.

Rup said...

Hi Dibakar,

Welcome to my blog. And I am glad U liked it. :) :)

Its something that we all do.. look at short term goals and then do what makes us happy at the moment and then later we realise what grave mistake have we done.. :)