Monday, January 24, 2011


long have we all been cribbing about life being a bitch..
quite often it happens that when u are all set on the pitch of life..
just ahead of the half century...
life throws its “googly”..
and there u are.. stumped..
and u are dismayed... displeased with the luck.. displeased to think..
u could have had a century..
but the questions arises..
what if u were out after the century?
will u feel good and be proud of ur performance?
probably not.. then u will think... and i am pretty sure one does..
“god dammit i could have had a double century”
hmmm.. so.. if it is life which is a bitch..then we are all a dog..
we are never ever satisfied...
with whatever and no matter how much we get and we keep screwing our life...
and it is not life which screws us..
isnt it?


Aditi said...

Rupesh, Our ambitions at times throws us in never ending ditch and we end up waiting that soon we will hit that bulls-eye. When that doesn't happen, our zest for something more, transitions into regrets and then life becomes a bitch.
I say let the bitch bite.

Rups said...

lol... well Diti.. u got an altogether different perspective... though nothing wrong with it as well.... :) :) i agree.. if thatst he case... then the bitch better bite :D :D :D

btw... never knew someone commented.. cos never expected someone to :) :) so sorry for a late response!