Saturday, February 21, 2009


When you look back upon ur life....
what would u remember?

would you remember you first day at school?
or, all those excuses that you made for not doing ur homework..
stupid enough to now make u smile on urself.. right?

would you remember ur games and free classes?
or, the drawing classes where invariably everyone was rising THE Sun behind THE two triangular mountains....
stupid enuf to think urs is better than his/hers.. :

would u remember playing cricket after exams with exam boards?
or, reaching school learning science when it was actually English paper..
stupid enough to make you now think how stupid you were..

would you remember that every story started as "Once upon a time.."?
or, that every story ended as "..and they lived happily ever after."
Fairy Tale.. thats what life used to be then....

would you remember those incoherent thoughts of dreaming BIG.
or, dreaming about what you want to be when u turn into a man.
stupid enough to make u now realize how impragmatic u were...

would u remember fighting over who ur best frend is?
or, those wonderful handwritten new year cards flaunting the words.. "to my best friend...."
stupid? not at all.. right? :)

would you remember how frequently you were punished in class?
or, those wonderful punishments that made you sit between the gals..
why aren’t we so wonderfully punished anymore? ;)

would you remember ur first crush on one of ur schoolmate?
or, the one you had on ur BIO teacher when you were in 7th grade..
ohh... she was certainly PREETIer than the gals!!!

would you remember how bad you felt leaving one school to join another?
or, how ecstatic u were to find new friends and start a new life..
Some of them.. who still are with you today!

would you remember, how every morning ur journey started on ur scooter..
or, how pantheistically u prayed for a gal to ask for a lift. :P
Certainly not anyone from ur school. :P

would you remember how suddenly studies became a serious matter?
or, the bunking classes and the movie shows..
and those game of cricket that went on and on and on.....

would you remember how tough getting into college was?
or, how easy was it to get a family far from home...
a family of friends.. :)

would you remember, your first nightout of life, spent studying?
or, the first day dreaming of the first serious crush u have just had....
wondering now, why u didnt ever tell her??

would you remember, the 760 acres of land you had under ur feet?
or, the 8x8 room shared by two most dissimilar characters in the college...
how brilliant u were to manage in such a small box for 4 years.. aint it?

would you remember, being out with frens enjoying ur heart out?
or, the silent candle light vodka/sutta night with Pink Floyd singing especially for u...
how lovely the next day turned out to be, being spent on bed! :P

would you remember, what all things the alma mater gave you??
or, what all things it heartlessly took away from you.. forever...
certainly, teaching u a lesson.. and thus giving u something in other words. :)

would you remember, how pathetically u were sweating inside during the job interview?
or, how exhilarated you were with ur first job, then second.. then third....
realising late, what it meant was THE END to a wonderful college life! :(

would you remember, yourself leaving the alma mater just before u started a new life?
or, the one that u are right now, completely different from ur own self..
ever realised, how urself and ur beliefs have transformed over the years..

So... what would u remember?
When you look back upon ur life….

Saturday, February 07, 2009


“Yara yahi dosti hai…. Kismat se jo mili hai….. sab sang chalen.. sab rang chalen.. chalte rahe hum sada……..”

Listening to junoon… with the remix sound of the tic tac from my lappy keyboard making the song a little more interesting……. My head is whirling these days… sometimes m all smiling and laughing my heart out with my frends for whom life is like a bed of roses curently… and the very next moment.. Somewhere inside me as well…. I got to be there for people for whom.. life is certainly not a bed of roses.. not at all……..

There are my frens who have found the love of their life…. Feeling ecstatic.. a little crazy….. yet always smiling.. and making future plans… thodi unki khinchai.. may be they say.. “sale chup karega”.. but deep down inside their hearts…. I know.. they have always longed to feel this.. and it makes them more happy than ever……..getting calls from their dream universities.. god.. life cannot be better than this.. and as al human beings… and the greedy nature.. praying the other one gets into the same universities.. and life turns from bed of roses.. to bed of lilies.. and then to bed of carnations… red ones… Midas.. as we all are… :)

Then there are my friends.. who have lost their jobs…. Some on the verge of loosing it.. some are just scared of loosing it….. some have been dumped by the ones they loved the most in their life.. while some others….. just trying to sketch their life in a better way……. And it feels helpless.. to be not able to do anything for them… and sometimes.. it hurts to give them consolation.. and show them the bright picture of life… when I myself know.. life aint gonna be easy for them in the near future as well… feels like m cheating on them by creating hopes in their minds.. cos when the hope will crumble down in a day or two.. they will stand lost again.. lost in their own eyes…. Or may be these hopes turn out to be true.. after all they are not bad.. its just that the situations aint right… and when the tide takes a U turn… life will be a bed of roses for them as well.. :)

“Tute na kabhi sath ye.. chute na kabhi sath ye… apni to hai yahi dua..
Chalte rahe hum tum.. yun hi badhte rahe hum tum.. khusiyon ke sang hum tum sada……..”

Praying and wishing a life… like bed of roses for all my frends…… cheers!!!!