Saturday, February 07, 2009


“Yara yahi dosti hai…. Kismat se jo mili hai….. sab sang chalen.. sab rang chalen.. chalte rahe hum sada……..”

Listening to junoon… with the remix sound of the tic tac from my lappy keyboard making the song a little more interesting……. My head is whirling these days… sometimes m all smiling and laughing my heart out with my frends for whom life is like a bed of roses curently… and the very next moment.. Somewhere inside me as well…. I got to be there for people for whom.. life is certainly not a bed of roses.. not at all……..

There are my frens who have found the love of their life…. Feeling ecstatic.. a little crazy….. yet always smiling.. and making future plans… thodi unki khinchai.. may be they say.. “sale chup karega”.. but deep down inside their hearts…. I know.. they have always longed to feel this.. and it makes them more happy than ever……..getting calls from their dream universities.. god.. life cannot be better than this.. and as al human beings… and the greedy nature.. praying the other one gets into the same universities.. and life turns from bed of roses.. to bed of lilies.. and then to bed of carnations… red ones… Midas.. as we all are… :)

Then there are my friends.. who have lost their jobs…. Some on the verge of loosing it.. some are just scared of loosing it….. some have been dumped by the ones they loved the most in their life.. while some others….. just trying to sketch their life in a better way……. And it feels helpless.. to be not able to do anything for them… and sometimes.. it hurts to give them consolation.. and show them the bright picture of life… when I myself know.. life aint gonna be easy for them in the near future as well… feels like m cheating on them by creating hopes in their minds.. cos when the hope will crumble down in a day or two.. they will stand lost again.. lost in their own eyes…. Or may be these hopes turn out to be true.. after all they are not bad.. its just that the situations aint right… and when the tide takes a U turn… life will be a bed of roses for them as well.. :)

“Tute na kabhi sath ye.. chute na kabhi sath ye… apni to hai yahi dua..
Chalte rahe hum tum.. yun hi badhte rahe hum tum.. khusiyon ke sang hum tum sada……..”

Praying and wishing a life… like bed of roses for all my frends…… cheers!!!!


Firefly said... is always bed of roses ..its just sometimes you are on the other side of bed where there are thrones...everyone has to learn on their own you cant take their pain neither give up yours... so to your near and dear ones your presence is more than enough.." Dont worry you will pass this phase " is what they need right now!!...

may god bless you and your friends

priyanka said...

all i can say after reading this is :
chalte rahenge hum sada, tutega naa saath kabhi, chutega na saath kabhi... yun hi badhte rahenge hum tum sada... !!

Pesto Sauce said...

You have captured friends well. Can understand pain of those losing jobs

Lovely song by Junoon...brings alive friendship in true sense

ag said...
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ag said...

my todays status msg can so aptly be put here too (off course u knw now thats its copied :P)

"its the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.."

when ppl loose hope n when both (ur frnd n u) knw that lyf wudnt even change in near future..its the best time u console ppl n tell "everything gonna b alright"!! one doesnt need motivation when in high spirits after all.. the show goes on n u knw u have to move with the 'show' but that strength of continuing comes from the frns n wellwishers only, nothing else...

at bad times "nothing else matters" except the count of ppl who r still thr with u n blv in u :)

keep up the gud work
u doing 'a lot' w/o realising it in fact...
adios amigos!!

(abey since when u removed this 'anonymous comments' freedom?? or is it that i always wrote comments from my account :-??)

deepshikha said...

random but very true.. :):)
thats how life goes i guess..
you gt to see the brightest of yellow and d darkest of blue on your palate.. but at times you aren't allowed to paint your own canvas.. :|

Rup said...


thanks for the comments.


ur comments better than the post. inferiority complex de diya tune to mere ko!!