Thursday, January 15, 2009

S C i N T i L L A

A day begins with writing….
“Shadows or shapes.. Darkness eats all……………………..”.

Sometimes when you just donno why everything around you is going wrong.. and then suddenly one thing is so right that you do it again and again. This right thing can make you going.. when the tide wants you to head backwards.

Well.. if you look closely and look for what you want….. you can find that ‘right’ thing in just anything that you can see; a slight strum on the guitar can make you sing…… a simple tune can make you flow… a fragrant breeze can make you fly.. a few speaking rain drops can make you smile…. the marble moon can make you dream... and a dream can make you fall in love !!

‘Life’ sometimes requires to be redefined… ‘needs’ to be judged…. ‘desires’ to be calculated….. ‘wants’ to be weighed…. to make them look ‘bigger’… to make them look ‘easier’… to make them look ‘happier’…….

Nothing in the world is worth the price of ur happiness… get up.. start looking for the right thing…… trust me…. NOTHING 'can' be wrong… and even NOTHING 'can' as well be that very right thing…..

“Shadows or shapes.. Darkness eats all. What about a 'Scintilla'??”



Aditi said...
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Aditi said...

Life is this one thing that has turned so many simple souls into complex philosophers.. i guess its way more complex then any arithmetical equations out there...

Rupsie i am going to be regular now @ ur page .. and so must you.

Btw i read this guy/ girl's tale at your page.. guy in denims and girl in red.. it was very interesting and cute..

Keep em coming :)

Soudhamini said...

Life does leaves us in a stupor sometimes. It makes us re-evaluate ourselves and the choices we made.

Beautifuly expressed ur inner darkness n the shadows it has befallen.

Keep ur soul search on..and u will become a better person everytime u see a new persceptive of life.

PS : Confusion tho hogaye abhi kismein padgaye ?!

priyanka said...

nice one !!!

Sensitive:-) Jigyasa said...

This was cool......Yeah Life sometimes need to be redefined....and you know what struck my mind while reading this post......Life sometimes need to be re-identified too....

What say Rupsie??

Ellen said...

Hi rups,

You write well. I like this post... makes one think. Good one.

By the way, it's never too late to wish you and your family tons of blessings for 2009.