Sunday, February 27, 2011


Its said....

"a lot can happen over coffee"

I say....

"a lot more happens over Tequila"

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kuch Karke Jana Hai..

mann maajhi jo ho..
to kya jarurat fir naao ki..
mazaa jo lena ho lahron ka..
taair ke jana hai..

parr sapno ke jo hon..
to kya jarurat fir raat ki..
chhoona ho gar aasman ko..
udd ke jana hai..

dariya apna jeevan jo ho..
to kya jarurat fir boondon ki..
pyaas bujhani ho jo ghat ki..
doob ke jana hai..

aag humari soch jo ho..
to kya jarurat fir badal ki..
paar jo karna ho suraj ko..
jalaake jana hai..

rang humare saathi jo hon..
to kya jarurat fir barsaat ki..
panaa ho jo indradhanush ko..
aasman rang ke jana hai..


Friday, February 11, 2011


us parchai se pare,
aaj jeene ka bada mann hai.
kaale thande aasman ke tale,
aaj kho jaane ka bada mann hai.

aasha aur nirasha se pare,
aaj jeene ka bada mann hai.
jugnuon ko fir se dekh chamakte,
aaj hasne ka bada mann hai.

khwabon ko rakh pare,
aaj jeene ka bada mann hai.
gunguna kar un yaadon ko,
aaj rone ka bada mann hai.

rakh panno aur shyahi ko pare,
aaj jeene ka bada mann hai.
do labz us ghazal ke,
aaj dohrane ka bada mann hai.

us parchai se pare,
aaj jeene ka bada mann hai.
kaale thande aasman ke tale,
aaj peene ka bada mann hai.


Saturday, February 05, 2011


I had a colorful life. With colors around. All around. My frends were happy and so was I. All we did all day was to lay lazy where we were... do nothing... just chit chatting.. joking and having fun....... until one day... when i was sold...

he took me with him.. he looked happy... and the evil grin on his face really scared me... i dont know what he was upto... i hoped i would be safe.. but u know how it is.... he held me.. and made me sit in the front.. he held me with one hand and balanced with the other.. he knew... if i get a chance.. i would run away... so he kept holding me all the way... and held me so tight that it started to hurt... but.. i cant complain... its against the protocol...

he slows down... i guess this is where he lives... holding me he gets off his bi-cycle.. leaves it to the support of the courtyard walls and moves inside... he took me to a room.. it had nothing but a wooden bed with a home made mattress on it... by the side there is a wooden cupboard.. pretty old... a table fan at a corner.. and by the shabby looking window is kept an oil lamp... he makes me sit on the bed and closes the window.. he then leaves me there closing the door behind....

so.. i lay here in the dark.. thinking of what all is about to come... it looks like he knows what he is doing... so i am not that scared.. but yes... i am scared a little.. after all its gonna be my first time... so, untill this moment.. i didnt imagine anything too bad.... but.. worse strikes only when u cdnt imagine it would be coming... i could hear some voices coming from the courtyard.... the door opened.. and there he was... back.. with a couple of his friends...... and now i am scared...

They got closer... staring at me with an awe of happiness and i dont know what... I went blank.. nothing could go on my mind.. i stopped thinking... Just lowered my eyes... and left everything to my fate... he held me by the side and took me outside... his friends followed... i did not have any guts to look around me.. or look at the back... or even raise my eyes... i just did what i was asked to.. with my eyes lowered I could just see the wheels of the bicycle laying against the wall... the well and kept by it was the bucket which had lost its shape and colour... I sat down on the floor... they surrounded me.. and i could barely see any light.... then something happened...

something pinched around my neck and my waist... the acute pain made me faint.. and the blur faces was the last thing i remember.. i dont know what happened to me.. i dont know how long i had been in that state... when i opened my eyes... i could see the sky.... i turned.. i was in an open field... well atleast it seemed like one... i heard some water flowing.. i got up and sat... yeah there was a river....

and then... i felt the pain again... and i realised i was tied around my neck and waist... before I could figure out what was happening to me... i experience a sudden pull and there i was..... taking my first flight... within a few minutes.. i was almost touching the sky... reaching out to the rainbow... feeling the colours... feeling the happiness of being what i am meant to be... to fly... and when i looked down... i could see the excitement in their eyes...

had it not been him.. i would have never known..... what i could do.. what i am capable of.. had he not held the string right... i would never had the safe flight... had he not been there... i would have never known... how high could i fly.... because of him... i am living my dream... :) :)