Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Oasis..

barefoot he walks,
across the desert sand.
looking for an oasis,
he wanders along.
looks at the sun,
and then at
the mighty sand below.
pants and sweats,
but looses no hope.
illuded by a mirage,
again and again.
he finally decides,
its the wind,

that he shall follow.
but, not to where it goes,
where it's
intimidated to flow.
taking a deep breath,
he takes his steps.
and, a little further did he go,
there it was,
he found
his oasis.


Leo said...

very strong person, to walk barefoot in the heat of the desert, not losing hope of finding his oasis! :) lovely poem..


Rup said...

Hey Leo,

The person is inside each one of us... sleeping somewhere and wide awake somewhere.. :)

wake him up if u think he is asleep!