Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Jharne se girte boondon ki tarah,
Kya Sapnon ko bikharte dekha hai?
Kya Un sapnon me piroye dhage ko,
mitti sa tootte dekha kya?
Kya itr ki khusboo ki tarah,
Jivan se khusiyon ko udte dekha hai?
Un jaati hui khusiyon ko,
Hawa sa laut ke aate dekha hai?
Kya apni parchaiyee ko kabhi,
Ek ajnabi ke sath chalte dekha hai?
Us bhuli parchaiyee me,
Kya apne aap ko khote dekha hai?
Kya mutthi se ret ki tarah,
Kabhi armanon ko fisalte dekha hai?
Un armanon pe khade manzil ko,
Patton sa girte dekha hai?


Firefly said...
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Aditya said...

nice lines.

Rup said...

thanks adi.

ag said...

many a times :)

n trust me, everytime i feel this way, i know its just that i'm feeling so. n it doesnt happen actually.. itni baar aisa expeience karne k baad u get to knw ki its temp ph, ek nayi hope jarur aati hai insaan ki life mein n fer se nayi fight n then if successful, u forget all this n if not then again same feelings, but still "life goes on.. the show must never stop..."

PS: cant help being philosopher at times :P but everyone knws this "truth" of life i guess..

Ellen said...

Oh too bad that I don't understand your language. Well, looking at your friend's messages (english), the post must be very nice. :-)

So How are you, Rups? It's been a long time. but it's nice to see you in blogspot too.

Hope you're having a pleasant weekend. Enjoy. And blessings to you and your family.

pankaj said...

Rups your lines are getting awesome day by day....