Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Two Steps..

when it feels.. its been eternity..
since.. u have been.. trying..

when it feels.. in life..
u have done enough.. and u can't anymore..
when it feels.. u are tired..
and.. that is all.. u are done walking..
u realise.. its actually..
just two steps.. that..u have taken so far..
and worse is.. u think..
if these were.. the right steps.. or wrong..
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Chintan said...

aaah!! trust me this is exactly what am going through. sailing in the same boat :(

Rup said...

everyone sails in the same boat... thats what we humans are all about... i am relating it to something in my life... u are relating it to something.. some will relate it with career.. some with relationships.. while other with something really trivial.. but this is the essence of being us.. :) :)

thats what i feel...

Pilot-Pooja said...

Good to see you really enjoying your writing talent Rupesh!

Rup said...

come on pooja... it not even close to what u can do with words!! :)

Pilot-Pooja said...

I firmly believe that comparison hardly gives true happiness.

If you n your blog readers enjoy your posts, you have surely spun magic with words.

Rup said...

hmmm.. well.. in that sense.. may be yes.. :)

but blogging is becoming more of an escape for me these days.. :)

and if njoying my posts... i am really glad :)

Alcina said...

Hmm...wrong or right haan..a very day to day feeling :P

So lazy!

The emotions were so raw and true..

Rup said...

Hey Alc,

lol.. eveyday feeling... yeah true :) :)

How have u been? Its been long...