Friday, September 26, 2008


Your dreams never have an end…. If one fails.. you curse the hap a little.. come over it in a while.. and start perceiving another… another dream. If one gets sated.. in a while it will be oblivion in the plethora of dreams already fulfilled.. then another dream starts taking shape….desires never end.. plans never end... expectations never end.. Its not just you who dreams; its you, me, him, she, anyone, every one!

But, have you ever thought of one such dream that once upon a time might have ruled your life… One that you always longed for.. desperately tried for….. Reached to its proximity one day… but it slipped out of your hands, just before you could embrace it to make it yours? Have your ever traced, what your life would have been now if the dream would have been a reality?? Try it…. You will see how different life has turned out to be…….. do you still think your dream should have come true??

How did you feel when your dreams crumbled down, one after another leaving nothing to cherish.. just longing…… longing for something that you needed desperately. You have thought of so many things.. doing this.. doing that.. when your dream would come true.. all in vain!!! Nothing is left… you find no purpose of living…. You say life is a nemesis.. just when you start thinking it has lost the battle against you.. it strikes back harder.. leaving you stumped. Yet you have nothing to do.. you move on….. move on accepting another defeat…. move on accepting as it comes….

Or, can u give words to what and how you felt when you actually got what you wanted from life.. Success for yourself.. again and again… happiness for parents.. sometimes… a dream coming true… once in a while… or a BIG “expected” Surprise.. which deluged you with smiles… smiles of yourself, friends and family… rare but precious moments… always etched in your memory…. Can you define how you felt then? Can you delineate that you are feeling now, when you are reliving all those vivid moments with me?

Dreams really do have wings.. they can make you touch the sky with hope.. they can throw you down and refuse to fly anymore…. They elate you and sometimes then alleviate that happiness… So what? So what, if a dream didn’t turn into reality… So what, if a name or two didn’t get attached to your life… So what, if you can’t fly… So what, if some dreams brought you tears.. So what? Should you stop dreaming?

Dream Big, but do understand that dreaming big is about putting in much, much and much more effort to make that dream come true. Are you ready to give in so much? Think first.. Also, Dreaming is not about desiring of things which were not yours… dreaming is not longing for things which do not lie in your forte… dreaming is not coveting things which you do not deserve…. Dreaming is understanding yourself… apprehension of your own limits… devising measured plans…. observing every nuance.. And then giving wings to it… Rarely will your dream remain un-fulfilled… rarely will you feel blue….. rarely will you say “ahh!! dreams never come true”.

Remember, may be you do not have wings. May be you cannot fly. But this does not mean you cannot touch the sky.. Dream.. Dream Big.. But Dream Wise!!

Happy Dreaming!!


ImwatIm said...

Quite a moving post bhaiya!!

Firefly said...

good time dint last..even this wont..

Sugandha said...

dont runaway frm dreams.....u ll b runnin away frm urself

Rup said...

thanks shishir....

Rup said...

miss sugandha,

its not running away from dreams... its just being a lil practical in the way looking at things... thats it!!!!


sohini said...

very touching!!

Rup said...
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Rup said...

hey sohini,

omg.. never thot u would have time to comment.. i really deserved it i gues..

ha ha ha ha...
:) thanks buddy!

Soudhamini said...

A very moving subject Rups and very wisely written.

Kudos to u 4 Dreaming BIG !!

MJ said...

there are some lyrics which
leave a big impact on my mind...
i am remembering one of those over here....
"" Careful what you wish for ...
cause you just might get it all..
u just might get it all..
and then some of it you dont want ...""

U're a real gud writer.. hope i've told that earlier as well..
keep blogging!!

Rup said...

hello mini ji,

always waiting for ur comment... thanks for the appreciation!

keep coming!


Rup said...

Hey MJ,

perfect lines buddy... so many times i have told u to gimme ur playlist for english songs.. huh!! neways... aptly said "you might get it all..and then some of it you dont want" .. thanks for the wonderful comment.

keep coming!!!


Sensitive:-) Jigyasa said...

Yeah Rup....we learn to move on from broken dreams and the best part is, we dare to dream again & the more the dreams - the wiser they become!!

Keep Smiling:-)